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At A Glance

Pasundan University was founded on the 14th. of November 1960 on which the existence and development of the university is inseparable from the goal and objectives of Paguyuban Pasundan (Sundanese Association) as it’s parent organization that had been established in 1913.

There are 35 programs at Pasundan University consisting of 25 Under Graduate Programs, 7 Master Programs, and 3 Doctoral Programs (Ph.D.). By data In April 2012  Pasundan University had an academic staff comprising, 34 Professors (Prof), 125 Doctoral (Ph.Ds.) and 262 (MS) Masters Degree Graduates from Indonesian and overseas universities.

The number of students as at the commencement of the Academic year  2015/2016 was 20,150. This being the highest number of students in any private higher learning institute in the Provinces of West Java and Banten.

Alumni are located within  all parts of Indonesia and employed by Government Institutions ,State owned companies, Educational institutions and with leading, reputable Private sector entrepreneurs.